More and more shungite products and information about them can be found on the Internet and in many stores. All these products are at different prices and of different quality. Such a wide range and the various possible applications show that this stone is of great interest.

We have compiled the most important topics for you on our website to help you keep track of this flow of information. This includes various issues such as reduction of negative radiation, water treatment, application experience, and testing and study results. All of this should help you to find the data you need. Discover our wide range of high-quality shungite products at reasonable prices.

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Shungite is a special stone that was given to people a long time ago so that it would accompany and support us throughout our life.

Here on our website, we offer you the opportunity to find out comprehensive information about shungite. The effects of classical shungite, elite shungite and shungite water - we have collected detailed information on these topics for you.

The choice of products from elite and classical shungite that we offer is the result of our many years of experience with this stone. Here you will find shungite and elite shungite of various shapes and sizes. Shungite powder, shungite crushed stone, jewellery from elite shungite - all of our products meet the most stringent requirements, so our company offers only high-quality products. We regularly check the quality of raw stone and the production process of our shungite products in Karelia.

We have visited Karelia regularly, and during those trips, our passion for Karelian culture became stronger. We are willing to share this feeling with you in our products, such as hand-embroidered rugs and neck pouches. The effect of shungite and traditional Karelian embroidery on flax represent a harmonious combination. 


What is the benefit of shungite effect?

Shungite has been of interest to people for centuries. Its extraordinary powerful life-giving energy has been mainly used to purify water and protect against radiation. In Europe, shungite and elite shungite became known not so long ago. However, at home in Karelia, the stone has long been successfully used in many spheres of life. 


  • How does shungite work?

While shungite can protect from negative radiation and purify water, it has a positive effect on the environment with its special vital energy. As for the protection against radiation, protective products made from shungite harmonize negative energy radiation in the immediate vicinity of the stone. The radiation is not shielded. Therefore, shungite does not reduce the radiation of devices such as cell phones, WLAN routers or geopathogenic interference zones. However, these types of radiation are not so harmful to us near the stone. Besides, it is possible to build a shungite protective wall. In this case, the radiation gets shielded.


Water is known to absorb and transmit information. In water purification - which is also called "revitalization" - shungite is dipped to water for a certain period or is placed close to water, for example, in a test tube or the form of a shungite plate under a water tank. The information that the stone has absorbed over millions of years is transferred to the water. The water then conveys positive information to people, animals, or plants.

  • Can we measure the effect of shungite?

The harmonizing effect of shungite can be measured in experiments using various means such as pendulums or one-handed divining rod. These tools make positive changes visible. Furthermore, they have helped to perceive the transformation of left energy into the right one. However, this effect of shungite and the positive effect of water revitalization cannot be expressed in values ​​of classical physics. Therefore, this has not yet been scientifically proven. However, if shungite is used as a protective wall, it is relatively easy to measure the shielding of radiation and represent the result as figures. 


  • Shungite for highly sensitive people

People who are most sensitive to sensory stimuli and are highly emotional often suffer from energies emanated from the world around them. They have to process a much wider range of information, which may quickly lead to fatigue. An emotionally stressful day can even disrupt sleep recovery. Shungite is often used to reduce the exposure to irritants in daily life and thus promotes a more relaxed sleep. If you carry shungite with you like a hand stone, necklace or bracelet, you will feel more comfortable and balanced. Even a small shungite stone can effectively protect us from radiation and negative energies. Therefore, the use of shungite can bring positive changes, especially for very sensitive people.

  • Shungite works softly but distinctly on the energy level

Shungite is not a miracle cure, but it provides strong support on the energy level. Energy healing is often very important to the healing process. Of course, shungite will not replace medical treatment, but it can also provide effective help. There are times in life when such support can be important and even decisive. Pay attention to how you feel while using the stone. You will quickly find out which application type, time and periodicity works best for you. There is serious and useful information on the use of shungite on the Internet and in the literature. It is advisable to get familiarized with it if you want to achieve certain goals. To use the life-giving energy of shungite effectively, you need to pay attention to the sensations and signals of your own body. Start with the application type you find most useful based on your research. 


We are always happy to have the opportunity to meet our customers personally, give them advise and tell them about our stones. In our warehouse in Würzburg, you can see our stones and shungite products, select and purchase them. It's up to you whether you choose the stone with the one-handed divining rod, or just decide intuitively. You will definitely find the power and energy of shungite irresistible.